The First Analytic Platform Company Designed for Sales Enablement

The Mission of Making Sales Enablement


Lionboard helps you confirm the impact of Sales Enablement on your company’s revenue. With our analytics, you can prove to your sales leadership how you positively affect their success.

Who We Are

We're dedicated to enhancing the role of Sales Enablement in the strategies of Sales Leaders.

Our Analytics

 Our unique "Sales Enablement-based" analysis will help you elevate your strategic planning.

Our Findings

Using real world results, we are committed to helping you learn what factually works.


Your programs and strategy have a bigger effect on sales than you might think. With Lionboard, we can give you a validated way to confirm how much you impact revenue.


Compare the impact you have on your sellers with the impact of other sales enablement teams on theirs  AND Validate your Sales Enablement Strategy with revenue potential defined by the success of others.


– Nancy Nardin

Founder, Smart Selling Tools

“Lionboard Analytics has created a unique and compelling solution to solve a problem that has existed for far too long. Until now, Sales Enablement leaders have not had a clear way either to measure, nor illustrate, the impact their efforts have on the organization’s success. Lionboard now provides the means for them not only to measure the success of their strategy but also to see where improvements can be made to perfect the strategy over time.


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