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Introducing Lionboard Analytics, LLC

Lionboard Analytics, LLC announces the first-ever Saas-based Analytic Platform and Benchmarking Solution for Sales Enablement.

Palatine, IL – April 10, 2017 – Even though the function of Sales Enablement is to serve and support the revenue-generating sales organization, sales enablement leaders have struggled to articulate and prove their value. Today, that struggle is over, because, with Lionboard Analytics, sales enablement teams have the means to confirm their effect on the financial performance of their company and their sellers. And they can now measure and verify that impact year after year.

“I started my sales enablement career working for a financial reporting and business intelligence company called Hyperion Solutions (acquired by Oracle in 2007). As their first sales enablement leader, I’ve been thinking about how to connect the dots between function and financials for a long time,” said Chris Patton, President and Founder of the newly launched startup, Lionboard Analytics.

Lionboard has designed a unique analytic dashboard from a Sales Enablement Point of View. The dashboard translates performance data into a visualized understanding of the effect of key sales enablement concepts like time to revenue productivity, cost and risk of turnover, and hiring’s seasonal effect on new sellers. Lionboard also provides a unique projection of performance that clearly illustrates the potential financial opportunity that sales enablement programs have with their organization.

“We’ve created Lionboard Analytics to help sales enablement leaders elevate their conversation with their executive team, to help them transition from a tactical pursuer of “random acts of enablement” to become an influential voice in the formulation and execution of their company’s Go-To-Sale Strategy,” said Chris.

“Lionboard Analytics has created a unique and compelling solution to solve a problem that has existed for far too long,” said Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools. “Until now, sales enablement leaders have not had a clear way neither to measure, nor illustrate, the impact their efforts have on the organization’s success. Lionboard now provides the means for them not only to measure the success of their strategy but also to see where improvements can be made to perfect the strategy over time. Because of this, I believe Lionboard has the potential of becoming an essential tool for every sales enablement leader who wants to verify their impact and establish themselves as a strategic-level executive,“ said Nancy.

While a Practice Lead at the SAVO Group, Chris engaged numerous customers who were trying to justify not just their investments in SAVO’s Content Management, Onboarding, and Sales Process solutions but in the department of Sales Enablement itself. He decided to leave and focus on that challenge as a consultant.

“With my consulting clients, we measured the financial impact of sales enablement as a percent of total sales. In other words, our analysis proved their impact at a level that was significantly higher than anyone expected. When that happened, the entire perception of the sales enablement function immediately changed to one of strategic value,“ explained Chris.

The Lionboard team is actively plotting their next wave of analytics. “We are clearly interested in partnering with customers who want to help us evolve our dashboard. Our earliest conversations have already unveiled some very exciting insights that we will add this year,” said Chris. “Our plan is to empower sales enablement leaders to have the means to address everything from rep profiles, to lifetime productivity, to manager influence.”

Lionboard Analytic’s mission is clear: elevate sales enablement’s influence on strategy. With Lionboard’s dashboard, sales enablement leaders will have the proof points they need to make their case.

About Lionboard Analytics, LLC

Lionboard Analytics is the first Saas-based Analytic Platform and Benchmarking Solution for Sales Enablement. Designed from a Sales Enablement Point of View, Lionboard's Dashboard will help sales enablement leaders confirm their impact on their company and their sellers' revenue performance and leverage those metrics to define and execute their sales enablement strategy. To learn more about how Lionboard empowers sales enablement leaders, visit

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